Titan Fitness Camp Phuket, Thailand

The titan fitness and bootcamp holiday in phuket, thailand. lose weight, get more flexible with the yoga programs and learn everything there is about nutricious foods.
  • Titan Fitness Camp Phuket, Thailand
  • Phuket, Thailand

€ 490 / week

Accommodation Hotel
Communication English, Swedish
Age 25-35
Todo Fitness & health

Solo travel / camps

A personal trainer, private room with air-conditioning and a lot of healthy meals.  You only have to focus on your own personal training goals. Thailand is a lot more then only a popular destination for backpacking. 

Next to the different training programs the fitnesscamp offers you are also on holiday to enjoy: take some time to relax by the pool, rent a scooter or take a nice walk into nature. Would you like to see some culture? Visit the Chalong temple, Phuket town, Nai harn beach, Kat Beach, Monkey Hill or Phi Phi Island. 

You will come home fitter, stronger, more athletic and with a lot of new energy! 

Some destinations are very special! In Chalong Phuket the entire lifestyle of the city is focused on health, healthy foods and living outside. You will find more superfoods then chicken buckets in the restaurants in Chalong.   


At the start of your holiday you will get to know the team and set you personal goals. Your personal trainer will build a plan to achieve these goals and will give you the support you need during your holiday. Use the contact moments with your personal trainer however you like: work out together, have a look at your schedule or discuss your personal nutrition plan. You will learn a lot from these contact moments which you could still use and apply long after your holiday. To keep you challenged the training schedule will be divers. During your workout you could also enjoy the culture, nature and beaches. 


The comfortable and luxury accommodation had air-conditioning, a pool and safe. Would you like more information, please have a look at the tab 'accommodation'.

What to expect?

Depending on your personal goals you could choose between the 'transformation', 'weight loss' or 'yoga' program. Would you like to know more about the different programs? Please have a look at the tab 'practical information'.

80% of the participants travel alone (solotraveller), 60% is female and the average age is between 25-35 years old. Most participants come from Western-Europe.  

Everyone will work on their own goals, this will vary from losing weight or improving muscle mass to feeling more healthy or vital. For every participant there is a private room available and the groups are small up till about 15 persons a week. 


A lot of participants travel alone, you will get to know each other easily through the interactive program.  

Do you prefer an active holiday instead of a beach holiday? Or do you have clear goals which are hard to achieve at home? Make a reservation for fitnesscamp Phuket and combine your personal goals with a lovely holiday! 

The following (general) facilities are at your disposal:

  • Full board
  • Airport transfer
  • Common (shared)room
  • Garden / terrace
  • In-room safe
  • Swimming pool
  • Wi-fi
About the accommodation

The fitnesscamp is in Chalong, Phuket in Thailand. Chalong is a unique location and is a perfect base to experience Phuket. At the airport there will be a pick-up-service ready to take you to the fitnesscamp. The only thing you have to do is pack!

The accommodation is situated next to the trainings facilities. It has a reception, optional laundry service, luggage storage and has comfortable private rooms from approximately 20 square meter. All rooms have a double bed, bathroom, tv, wifi, closet, locker refrigerator.

Bedsheets and (room)towels are included. 

Price overview season 2020.

Prices Titan Fitness
Room Pers. Shared Description € / Week
Standard Private room No € 490,-
Option Description Price
Yoga Program (1 week) 5 x personal yoga sessions, 1 detox week (included in 4 weeks or longer), full access to the air-conditioned gym € 350,-
Weight Loss Program (1 week) 6 personal training sessions, 1 detox week (include in 4 weeks or longer), all fitness classes, nutrition consultation and educational guideline for a lifestyle change, yoga session, 1 massage and herbal sauna € 540,-
Transformation package (1 week) 6 Personal Training sessions, body composition analysis (Beginning of program/every 2 weeks/end of program), 1 detox week (includme in 4 weeks or longer), 12 Protein shakes, 1 massage and herbal sauna, scheduled training program, mind-set and motivational coaching, yoga sessions, nutrition consultation € 580,-

  • Meals (3x a day from Monday till Saturday)
  • Airport transfer from and to Phuket International Airport (HKT)
  • Beach training & Big Buddha Run (including transport)
  • Yoga & Recovery classes
  • 2 Muay Thai classes per week
  • Body scan/vitality analysis at the start and before departure
  • This offer is covered by the STO Garant guarantee. You can find the conditions for this guarantee scheme on STO Garant’s website (www.sto-garant.nl/en/downloads).
  • Flight ticket
  • Prices are per person and include VAT, unless something else is explicitly stated.

Most participants come from Western Europe. Owner Kim is Swedish and together with other coaches(from Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, England, Australia and The Netherlands) he runs the program. All coaches have their own expertise to make sure that the program is variable and for sure challenging!

During your stay:
  • A diversity of group training 6 days a week. 
  • A Super motivating environment to make sure you never give up!  
  • Multiple sessions per week with a personal trainer.
  • Learn all about new fitness techniques which you could also use at home.
  • Personal trainer to help you build your personal fitness plan. 
  • Unlimited access to the gym, weights and other equipment. 
  • A special meal plan. You never have to worry about what to have for dinner.
  • Easily make new friends with different nationalities. 
  • Discover more ways to work on your body with Yoga en Muay Thai
  • Discover the beautiful surroundings during the beach training sessions

Check-in: 14:00
Check-out: 11:00

Fitness programs

At the start and the end of you stay a vitality analysis will be done. All programs contain education about nutrition, exercise and support in lifestyle changes.  

Weight Loss Program

The program for weight loss. Especially to lose fat and at the same time prevent loss of muscle mass. Participants of the program do not have to be overweight, staying at the same weight or gaining weight could also be one of the goals.  

Transformation Program

On tv and the internet you will see them passing by so now and then, people who had a total make over. Losing fat, gaining muscles, improving your posture or jus looking awesome....would you like to achieve this result? Join this program for a couple of weeks and return home completely trained and tight! 

Yoga Program

5 personal and 5 classic yoga-trainings sessions plus 2 mobility/stretching lessons a week. 


From the accommodation in Chalong:

DestinationDistance (km)
International Airport Phuket (HKT)40 km
Bus- or train station5 km
Beach, Centre, Shopping Mall5 km
Supermarket, Restaurants500 meter
How do you get there?

Take a flight to International Airport Phuket and at the airport there will be a transfer waiting for you. 

Time Difference

The time zone in Thailand is GMT+7 and they do not have summer time.


In Thailand they use the Thai baht (THB).

Payment options
  • Creditcards will be accepted at big hotels, in big stores and by the airline companies. 
  • Debit cards will be accepted at ATM's wit a Cirrus- or Maestro logo. 
  • The use of debit cards is most of the time cheaper then the use of a credit card. When your bank is charging a fixed amount per transaction, frequent use of a credit- or debit card could be expensive. 
  • Most of the time your account will have a limit per day, this could be adjusted by your bank at request. 
  • Please check: Most banks deactivate cards for the use outside of Europe. Ask you bank in advance to activate your card. 
  • Thailand has a reasonable amount of ATM's. Especially in big cities and touristic area's. 
  • Taking cash from an ATM is most of the time cheaper then using your credit- or debit card. 
  • Banks and exchange offices could change money. Hotels usually ask a higher fee for changing money.
What to pack?
  • Sports clothing 
  • Sports shoes 
  • Beach towel
  • Water bottle
  • Waterproof sunscreen (spf 30 or higher)
  • Sport sunglasses

At the location there is a optional laundry service for your sports clothing. Bed sheets and (room) towels are included. After you reservation you will receive an email with all information needed.


The instructors communicate mostly in English, the participants of the fitnesscamp are international. Most participants come from Western-Europe (Germany, The Netherlands and Scandinavia).


This holiday is offered to you by ActiveTravel and will be carried out by our partners at location.   

Climate info voor Phuket, Thailand
Month Min. temperature Max. temperature Sea temperature Wind > 4 bft Sun hours Rain (days) Rain (mm)
n.b. 9
February 23
29 n.b. 9
March 24
29 n.b. 9
April 24
29 n.b. 8 10 101-200
May 24 32
29 n.b. 6
18 101-200
June 24
29 n.b. 5
July 24
29 n.b. 6
August 24
29 n.b. 6
September 24
29 n.b. 5
October 24
29 n.b. 6
19 101-200
November 24
28 n.b. 7
December 23
28 n.b. 8
12 61-100

The climate data is based on internal observation series over the period 1989 up to and including 2011 and can therefore deviate from the official climate normals as published by KNMI over the period 1981-2010.

No rights could be derived from the temperature and wind statistics. 

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