Fitness (Boot)Camp Holiday Andalusia, Spain

The fitness holiday in andalucia is a special bootcamp training week, where you will easily meet other participants, learn about nutritious foods and improve your strength, health and general wellbeing.
  • Fitness (Boot)Camp Holiday Andalusia, Spain
  • Zahora, Spain

€ 780 / week

Accommodation Vacation home, Hotel
Communication Danish, English
Age 25-50
Todo Fitness & health

Solo travel / camps

Does physical activity give you a lot of energy? Are you always working on your body and health? Would you like to improve your performance? Are you ready for a challenge? Could you answer one(or more) of these questions with a YES, then you must visit the fitnesscamp in Andalusia!

Condition and level: for everyone

The Fitness (Boot)camp is for everyone who would like to improve their performance, health and well-being. During your stay you could focus on your own goals and participate in three training sessions a day in small groups. The meals are provided for and are local organic produce, very healthy, nutritious and high quality.

Our groups are generally diverse, with participants ranging from well trained athletes to average Joes and people with lower fitness levels. On most of the camps there is no requirement of fitness level to attend however, the desire to improve fitness level and/or lifestyle is a must!

We adapt training sessions and exercises depending on the week, the group, your energy level and the weather conditions. Together with a compact group (there for there will be enough personal attention) you will receive various training courses, workouts and learn about nutricious, healthy and delicious foods.

You will train on the Atlantic coast in the Costa de La Luz nature reserve, not wasted by pollution or overflowing with mass tourism.

Workouts during the Fitness (Boot)camp

The foundation for the training at our camp is highly functional, and rely on natural movements. We train with natural objects which secure a high variation in the way the muscles in the body are stimulated. We also make use of more standardised equipment such as; kettlebells, boxing equipment and gym-rings.

After training, rest on a sunbed, jump in the pool or relax in the jacuzzi.


The training camp in Zahora (Andalusia) is surrounded by nature with on the one hand the overwhelmingly beautiful nature park and on the other the beautiful beaches with the historic lighthouse.


In addition to the training, food is important. The ingredients for our meals are locally produced, nutritious, natural, organic and sustainable.

We only use highly nutritious and non-processed foods. The diet is created to optimize fatty-acid ratio and secures a well balanced amount of nutrients. The diet is put together based on what the body is designed and developed to live on, rather than what is available in the modern supermarket.
The benefits of such diet changes are improved insulin sensitivity, better body composition in terms of ratio of muscle and body fat and improved hormonal balance.
The diet is Non-Gluten, Non-Dairy. Vegan and vegetarian options are available.


Almost everyone who participates comes on their own. You will get to know each other quickly through the interactive program.

Upcoming dates

Last week before the summerbreak is starting on Saturday 6 June. After the break the program will start around September.

Saturday 21 March 2020
Saturday 28 March 2020
Saturday 4 April 2020
Saturday 11 April 2020
Saturday 18 April 2020
Saturday 25 April 2020
Saturday 2 May 2020
Saturday 9 May 2020
Saturday 16 May 2020
Saturday 23 May 2020
Saturday 30 May 2020
Saturday 6 June 2020

The following (general) facilities are at your disposal:

  • Full board
  • Wi-fi
  • Swimming pool
  • Garden / terrace
About the accommodation

The fitness camp is located in the small coastal village of Zahora, Los Canos de Meca in the municipality of Cadiz, Andalusia in Spain. The coastal region (Costa de La Luz) is a nature reserve, not wasted by pollution or overflowing with mass tourism.

During this active vacation you could stay in the fitness house or fitness hotel. Both are almost next to each other (100 meters), the main difference is having private or shared sanitary facilities. You could use all facilities of the complex (regardless of which of the two buildings you stay in).

Lockers / Safe

The rooms do not have a locker or safe. If desired, valuables can be placed in the safe of the complex. You could also bring a lock for your suitcase.

Fitness House

The holiday homes have two bedrooms (with double and single beds), bathroom, living room, kitchen and fireplace. They are equipped with all kinds of kitchen appliances, the living room has a cozy wood stove or fireplace and a TV. There is also a communal BBQ place. The sanitary facilities are shared per house.

Fitness Hotel

If you prefer more privacy you could also choose for a stay at the hotel. You will have your own sanitary facilities.

The complex

The swimming pool and jacuzzi next to the hotel are freely accessible. You could also use the washing machine(s) to wash out your sportswear. You will be provided with sheets, linen and towels and there is a Wifi zone.

Tip: Would you like (more) social interaction? The comfortable house will be the best choice for you. Everyone meets here before the start of the training sessions.
If you prefer something more private, the hotel is the best choice.

Prices for the season of 2020.
The upcoming dates you will find on the intro page.

Prices Fitness House
Room Pers. Shared Description € / Week
Private room No .. € 930,-
Twopersons room Yes .. € 780,-
Twopersons room - Double bed Yes .. € 780,-
Prices Fitness Hotel
Room Pers. Shared Description € / Week
Hotel Private No .. € 985,-
Hotel Twopersons Yes .. € 850,-
Hotel Double Yes .. € 850,-
Option Description Price
Airport Transfer Malga Transfer from Malaga Airport (return) € 60,-
Airport Transfer Sevilla Transfer from Sevilla Airport (return) € 50,-
Airport Transfer Jerez Transfer from Jerez Airport (return) € 40,-
  • meals (breakfast, lunch and evening meal)
  • workouts & guidance
  • workshops
  • sports massage
  • This offer is covered by the STO Garant guarantee. You can find the conditions for this guarantee scheme on STO Garant’s website (
  • (Flight)ticket
  • Transfer from and to the airport. Transfers are only possible on Saturdays between the specified times and are carried out by the staff on location.

The transfers are handled by the staff and only available on Saturday.

  • Jerez Airport - no restrictions, you could use the transfer service all day.
  • Seville Airport: between 10:00 and 22:00.
  • Malaga airport: arrival between 14:00 and 22:00. The staff tries to be flexible if you arrive earlier but cannot guarantee availability. Departure from Malaga is possible from 10:30. We recommend 14:00, otherwise you will miss the training.
Details or conditions
  • Participation is possible for 7, 10 or 14 days. The arrival day is always on Saturday and the start of the program on Sunday. Would you like to stay for more than 14 days? Ask for the special deal via our contact form.
  • The program and meals are at your disposal from Sunday and the program ends (at 7 or 14 days) on Saturday at noon.
  • If you come alone (solo traveler) you have the choice between a shared or private room in the fitness house or a private hotel room. You will only share a room with someone of the same gender.
  • If you book for two of you will be placed into the same room (unless this is not desirable, please mention this in the comments when booking).
  • Prices are per person and include VAT unless there is explicitly stated something else.
The Program

There will be no standardised course week after week, instead we adjust the program to the group. You will get a daily plan each morning and there will sometimes be some surprices activities as well.

A typical training day will consist of three training sessions spread over the day. During the week there are also have other activities available such as surfing, horse-back riding and/or a professional massage(included). Mid week there will be a resting day, with options for going to a nearby Hammam bath for restitution or visiting other nearby sights.

A typical day would look like this:

8:30Morning run, Yoga or mobility
10:30 Breakfast
13:00Boxing session, Strength & Conditioning workout at the beach
14:30 Lunch and Siesta
17:30 Group competitions & uphill interval run
19:00 Deep stretching
20:00 Dinner followed by lecture/workshop on Nutrition

The daily program, is in general quite packed. One day during the week will be a resting day with only one morning training, followed by breakfast. Often the participants choose to arrange a trip together this day. Options for visiting some of the surrounding cities (Cadiz, Vejer, Jerez), whale watching from Tarifa, a day trip to Tanger-Morocco, or just to relax in the area.


During the workouts or training-sessions you will find some of the following components;

  • Bodyweight strength training
  • Boxing training
  • Kettlebell workout
  • Running & sprinting (barefoot, sand trail and off track)
  • Training with natural objects
  • Parkour
  • Muscle release techniques
  • Yoga and mobility work
  • Various challenges, drills, games and competitions
How to get here

Fly to Jerez, Seville or Malaga Airport. From these airports you could travel with public transport, hire a car or get a transfer (for more details see the prices tab).


From the accommodation in Zahora:

Destinationdistance (km)
Airport Malaga 200 km. 2,5 hours by car, 4 hours with Public Transport
Airport Sevilla170 km. 2 hours by car, 3 hours with Public Transport
Airport Jerez80 km. 1 hour by car.
Bus Station5 km
Restaurants etc.1,5 km.
Grocery store1,5 km
Beach1 km

The instructeurs are Danish but communicate in English. Participants are very divers and come from all over Western-Europe.

Climate info voor Zahora, Andalucia, Spain
Month Min. temp Max. temp Sunhours Rain (days) Rain (mm)
January 10 15 5,6 16 56
February 10 16 6,1 14 47
March 12 18 7,4 14 39
April 12 19 8,5 14 39
May 15 22 9,6 13 28
June 18 26 10,2 6 9
July 20 29 10,9 3 2
August 21 29 10,5 4 3
September 19 26 9,2 9 22
October 16 23 7,6 15 47
November 13 19 6,1 15 50
December 11 16 5,5 19 69

The climate data is based on internal observation series over the period 1989 up to and including 2011 and can therefore deviate from the official climate normals as published by KNMI over the period 1981-2010.

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